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Chocolate Decadence

For your chocolate connoiseur or anyone who simply loves the finer things in life we bring you an amazing assembly of handcrafted decadent chocolates in a mix of flavors. The Bond Bar Peanut Butter Pretzel Caramel Bark is a Fanciful Favorite (not nearly as sweet as it sounds, just really really good), Rustic Bakery Chocolate Cacao Nib Cookies (another favorite, rich and not too sweet), V Chocolates Macadamia Toffee (buttery, doesn't stick to your teeth), Yvan Valentin Fresh Truffles, Marich Chocolate Cherries, Chocxo bean to bar chocolate made in Southern California, Fancifull 6 piece organic assortment made by Lillie Belle in Oregon, and the ultimate John Kelly Fudge Truffle. Everything is truly stellar!


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