Fancifull has a long history of celebrating American Artisans. It is in our blood. Terry's grandfather was a farmer in Northern California and her cousins grew organic beef before it was fashionable. The farmers and crafts people who make the product we sell in our shop need our support and we need them because they honor our planet and the people, animals and plant life on it. And they make delicious food! This doesn't mean we don't also want our friends and compatriots in other countries to do well either. We want those great cheeses, win es and traditions to persist the world over. While keeping a good mix of product in our shop, we are very excited about the food renaissance that is going on in the United States. For our cheese classes we are using more and more American cheese and accoutrements, narrowing it down to just 7 or 8 for the class is the hard part. Terry is continually adding to our American Artisan line as we meet more and more producers who are creating beautiful food that needs to be shared with the world.