About Us

Terry & Wally August

It doesn't matter what you are eating, whether it is a hamburger and fries or foie gras and champagne - it is the ingredients used that make each one marvelous or mediocre.

At Fancifull that is what I look for when choosing what goes into our baskets. Fresh natural ingredients, organic, no odd chemical fillers. Because you want to taste the food, not the chemicals. I've tried cookies where the butter leaps out at you because it is so fresh, and then I've tried ones - in beautiful tempting packaging - that taste like cardboard. For example: Americans have a style of chocolate, as do the Europeans. Both have great chocolates. I can't argue that a fresh truffle is better than a perfect peanut butter cup if both are made with good ingredients. And why argue anyway? Eat them both and enjoy. We will always be searching, tasting, and finding the best ingredients the world has to offer so you can send the best.


Genuine; real; not fake.

I like to travel because I like to experience authenticity in the world at large. For instance, I love being in the countryside of Italy and eating what is grown locally. I want to smell the air, meet the people, find out how they have been making this food for hundreds of years and why it is so good. This is true of anywhere I go, whether it be close to home or in far away lands. Even more so, I love to bring these experiences back to share with friends and family. I cook meals similar to those I've had on my culinary voyages and bring back jars of ingredients to taste. I find this is a better snapshot of a country than a photo. My joy in Fancifull is that I get to delight you with the pleasures I have found. I get to stock my shelves with the foods and wines I've tried and share them with you and your friends. Welcome to the family.

Mission Statement

We are committed to quality and personalized service which stands out in an era of mass production.

We achieve this by:

Creating artisan baskets filled with real food and unusual finds.

Assuring quality by trying every wine, cheese, cookie, and edible product we sell so you know you are sending the best.

Searching continually-sometimes across the globe-to bring you new and exciting products. We refuse to carry products you can find on every supermarket shelf. What is the fun in that?

Participating in Slow Food USA and subscribing to their belief in food that is good, clean, and fair.

Going green in our business practices and the items we carry by including more all natural and organic foods, baby items, bath products, and gifts.

Quickly and reliably delivering your gifts down the street or around the world.

Cultivating our relationship with you through in-store tastings and events, so together, we all can learn more about, and share our passion for, the good things in life.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied with every purchase. There is almost never a problem, but:

If there is a problem, WE WILL FIX IT.

If any item falls short of your expectations, please notify us immediately at 800-350-4437. We answer all calls in our store.

A problem with a floral order must be reported within 24 hours of its arrival.