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California Harvest Wine Gift Basket

Three fabulous wines from California vineyards are the jewels in the crown of this tribute to the Golden State. Arbios Cabernet Sauvignon (Alexander Valley), Praxis Viognier (Montery) and McManis Pinot Merlot(San Luis Obispo). These are accompanied by Cheese, Crackers, That's A Nice Olivetta, Pistachio Crunch, Just Off Melrose Crisps, Almond Caramel Chocolate Bar, Foccacia Crisp Crackers, Rustic Bakery Pecan Rosemary Crostini and their Lime Shortbread (both organic and both outstanding), Nunes Almonds, Holly Baking Cookie Brittle, and our incomparable Chocolate Covered Dried Bing Cherries.


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