Box filled with Champagne, sweet bread, jam, butter, nut mix
Chamdeville Blanc de Blanc Brut
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Champagne Brunch

Pop the cork and slice the bread, it's time to enjoy Sunday Brunch. We couldn't decide between the Greenlee's Original Cinnamon Bread and their fantastic Banana Nut Loaf so we included them both. Along with that we have the amazing Beurre d'Isigny butter, Becca's Nutty Snack Mix, Carr Valley Bread Cheese (cube it and heat it briefly in the microwave, you won't be sorry) which is perfect served with the Laura Ann's Blackberry Bay Leaf Jam. All ready to serve in our signature Fancifull Box.

You have the following options:
  • Champagne Brunch - $92.95

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