the Fancifull jute tote bag with wine, cheeses, salami, duck rillettes, wine glasses, nuts and more

Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Easy Picnic Gift Bag

Our jute bag filled with picnic essentials make it easy to enjoy an outdoor concert or a day by the beach. We chose a terrific French White Wine, but you can change it to red, sparkling or our non alcoholic Elderflower Press. There are good plastic stemless glasses, Two Cheeses, Sliced Olli Salami, Duck Rillette (cooked duck breast, amazing), Almonds, Dried Strawberries, Olives and Crackers. Tied up with a bow makes a perfect picnic present! Note: You can use our bag as a base and fill it with anything from our shop. Just email or call 323/466-7654 to let us know what you want.


for personal service call 800.350.4437

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