a wood crate with apples and other foods
small farmers market crate,5-6 apples,Annie Bs CAramel,fall petits fours,Effies Oat Cakes,McTavish Leaf Cookie,Nunes Almonds in the shell
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Fall Harvest Gift Crate

Our rustic crate holds the makings for fresh dipped caramel apples and fall themed treats to make it a party. Annie B's Caramel is made in copper pots and if you like your apples plain it makes a great dessert or soft cheese topping. Charming Fall Themed Petits Fours, Ginger Spice Leaf Shaped Shortbread, Effie's Oat Cakes and Nunes Almonds complete this gift, along with of course apples for dipping.


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