a basket filled with artisan food: cheese, jam, salami, cookies, crisps and olives
Manchego or Rembrandt Gouda,STewart and Jasper Almonds,Rustic Bakery Cocoa Nib Cookies,Fabrique Delice Rillette,Wild California Fruit and nut thins,Jose Andre Small Chips,Barnier Green Olives Provencal Herbs,Marich Chocolate Cherries 2.3 oz
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Fancifull Fare

We gathered some of our favorite and most popular artisanal food and arranged them in our nifty wood tray. Everything is a crowd pleaser that has stood the test of time in our shop. Included: Rustic Bakery Cocoa Nib Bars (one of the best cookies in the world),Creminelli Sopressata, Laura Ann's Raspberry Habanero Jam (locally made and brilliant), Brie (or we can substitute a Gouda for local delivery), Organic Mediterranean Olives, Sante Spiced Pecans, Partners Crackers, Just Off Melrose Parmesan Crisps (popular in our shop for decades). Heavy on quality and light on sweets this makes an impressive gift for the gourmet.


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