oval bronze tub,Holly Baking Cookie Brittle Butter,Grace and I Hawaiian Press,Velvet Rope Cake Truffles,Nunes Farms Roasted Almonds 1.5 oz,Carr's Entertainment crackers 7.05oz,Askinosie Davao Phillipines 3oz,John Kelly Truffle Fudge Bites,Searbear Oysters,Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper,3 yr vintage gouda,Italian Olives in black box,Gary & Kit's Coconut & Cashews,Roots and Branches Olive Oil Crackers,Fabrique Delices Truffle Mousse,Trois Petits Cornichons,Rustic Bakery CheddarPecan Cheese coins,Dom Perignon,Conn Valley Right Bank 2010
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Fit For A King Gift Basket

The person lucky enough to receive this gift will truly feel like royalty. The bronzed embossed urn brings treasures from the world over. Nothing but the best will do so we start with the Dom Perignon and the Anderson Conn Valley 2010 Right Bank. We continue the journey with Cypress Grove Lambchopper, a rich sheep's milk cheese, a Vintage Aged Gouda, FraMani Salametto- the best salami in the world- and Roots and Branches Handmade Olive Oil Crackers. We move on to the beautiful Grace and I Fruit and Nut Press on its own cutting board, Velvet Rope Cake Truffles, Rustic Bakery Cheddar Pecan Cheese Coins, Italian Olives, Seabear Smoked Oysters, Nunes Almonds, Fabrique Delice Mousse Truffle Pate,Carr's Entertainer Cracker Assortment,the incomparable John Kelly Fudge Truffles,Gary and Kits Toasted Coconut and Cashes, Askinosie Dark Phillipine Chocolate Bar and the melt in your mouth Holly Baking Cookie Brittle. Cashew Coconut small chocolate confections. All Hail the King.


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