Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Gluten Free For All Gift Basket

You don't have to be on a special diet to enjoy the goodness of this basket. All items are gluten free and absolutely delicious. Gluten Free Crackers go with the Maple Smoked Cheese (Farmstead made in Vermont). Also included: Sante Cardamom Cashews, 479 Organic Popcorn, World Peas Ranch Flavored Snack, Endangered Species Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar (10% of the proceeds goes to Wildlife Causes), Mint Verbena Tea, Barney's Almond Butter, California Crisp Dried Pineapple (freeze dried and incredible) and the incomparable Tate's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (we cannot tell these from the non gluten free). This beautiful and thoughtful gift is guaranteed to delight.


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