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Hand Made California Cheese

California has become a leader in artisan cheese - we have the cows, the land, and the artisans willing to take the time to nurture the cows and hand produce each batch. We designed two gifts which feature California Cheese.
In one package we have two of our favorite California Cheeses: Carmody from Bellweather, a rich creamy cheese made from Jersey Cow Milk, and Bravo Sage Cheddar, a world class cheese that has become a Fancifull favorite among our clients. To go with the cheeses we included Dried Apricots and Nunes Farms Almonds. This is the perfect little something when only the best will do.
DELUXE: For the deluxe version of this gift we added to the bounty. There is an extra cheese, the Redwood Hill Goat Cheese Crotin. In addition we have the Rustic Bakery Organic Pecan Rosemary Crostini, an eight ounce package of dried fruit from Vacaville, a larger box of Nunes Almonds, Our famous chocolate covered dried cherries and some fresh fruit. A perfect way to enjoy California at its best.
Please let us know if this needs to be gluten free in the Other Info field when ordering. Note: This must ship 2 day to locations outside of California and be shipped on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.


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