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Impressive Wine Gift Basket

Need to Impress? This will do it. Four wines: 2 whites 2 reds (you can change that up if you like) in our silver fabric box filled with equally impressive foods. One of the red wines is French and the second is Italian. One of the white wines is from the Napa Valley and the second is a French wine from the Bordeaux Region. The artisan food is sure to please: Duck Pate, Smoked Cheese, Marinated Olives, Truffles, Dark Chocolate Bar, Tartufo Uncured Salami, Chocolate Nib Shortbread, Tarallini Italian Snack, Nunes Farms Fancy Nuts, Sourdough Flatbread, Italian Oatmeal Honey & Raisin Cookies, & Santa Barbara Sea Salt & Olive Oil Popcorn. Impressive. Want different wines? Choose from our wine list or call with questions.


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