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Rose Gold Champagne Gift

Looking through rose colored glasses is a good way to get through life, especially if those glasses are filled with a Sparkling Rose from Burgundy. Keep it cool in our copper champagne bucket and enjoy the Fresh Cheese, Rustic Pecan and Cranberry Crostini and Champagne Truffles. A great way to celebrate any special occasion.

You have the following options:
  • Rose Gold - $105.00
  • with Paul Bara Grand Millesieme Brut 07 - $120.00
  • with J Lassalle Cuvee Angeline 2009 - $130.00
  • with Paul Bara Special Club Brut 2014 - $145.00
  • with Comtesse Marie de France Grand Cru 2015 - $175.00
  • with Dom Perignon - $244.00

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