a brown rattan basket with the fruit, cheese, nuts, grapejuice and other foods
Med oval open work basket ( our snacks 10 set_,Torn Ranch Healthy Mix,Sante Pecan Small,5Spoke Cheese,Chewys Gourmet Rugulach,Falafel Chips Herb,Lindor Blue,JJ Flats Crackers,Hannah Max Small Bag,Kadeem Sparkling Grape Juice,Fruit,Peacock Bow
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Shiva Kosher Basket

Send warm thoughts and good food to those sitting shiva. An assortment of Kosher food and fruit including: 5 Spoke Cheese, Healthy Mix with Nuts and Dried Fruit, Rugulach, Kadeem Sparkling Grape Juice, Chocolate Truffles, Seeded Flatbread, Herb Falafel Chips, Sante Sweet and Spicy Pecans, Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, and Fresh Fruit.


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