a rectangular wood tray with a tea mug, chocolates, tea biscuits, teas, chocolates, cookies nuts and a vase of flowers
Wood tray,small urn with flowers, around 35ish,Raspberry and chocolate cookies,2 pack oreo pink and white,Met Tea: Peppermint and English Breakfast,Rose Mug from PPD,Marich small pack cherries,Sante Cardamom Cashews, small,Louis Sherry 2 piece,ivy and flowers
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Tea And Flowers Gift Basket

A picture perfect vase of flowers adorn the table and the biscuits and treats in this wood tray promises a joyful teatime. The flower theme continues with our garden rose mug, there is both English Breakfast and Peppermint Tea, Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies from the Artisan Biscuit Company in Bath, England, Marich Chocolate Cherries, Sante Cardamom Cashews, and two White Chocolate Covered Oreos dipped in pink and white with pearls on top. They will put the flowers on the table, make their tea, enjoy their biscuits and think what a nice way to spend a little time.

Note:For those destinations outside our delivery area (Los Angeles): The fresh flowers will be replaced by a plant kit that when water is added becomes full of flowers.


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