Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Tea And Flowers Gift Basket

A picture perfect vase of flowers promises a joyful teatime and perfectly mirrors the keepsake box that holds this gift. The flower theme continues with our cheerful mug (there is a bird painted inside to greet the drinker), Harney and Sons Tin of Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Louis Sherry Chocolates, English Breakfast Tea,Ines Rosales Cinnamon Cookies with a touch of Anise and Sante Cardamom Cashews. They will put the flowers on the table, make their tea, enjoy their biscuits and think what a nice way to spend a little time.

Note: The pail full of fresh flowers will be replaced by a pail that will become full of flowers (once water is added) for destinations outside the range of our vans.


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