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  • Edible Hug

    I am sitting over my stove this morning stirring a big pot of red beans and rice. I am making them for a family I don’t know. Yes, I should be at work, getting ready for the looming holiday season. But I got an order yesterday that compelled me to cook, and cook a meal imbued with love.

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  • Terry August, Founder of Fancifull Gift Baskets

    Terry August, Founder

    Wally August, co-founder of Fancifull Gift Baskets

    Wally August

    Why Gift Baskets?

    At Fancifull we realize that you send a gift basket to tell someone that you appreciate them and that they are important to you. You celebrate with them when a baby is born or a wedding or birthday occurs. You feel for them when there is an illness or a passing. You congratulate them on a triumph. You thank them for things they have done for you or with you.
    Our job is to impress them with your thoughtfulness. So what's in the gift basket has to be good. Really good.
    Our policy on food and wine is this: If we won't take it home and put it on our table, it doesn't come in the store. We've traveled far and wide searching out fine wines and food. In Italy and France this is ridiculously easy! Currently we're very glad to be finding equally excellent products from artisan producers in the US! We hold to the same standards for the baby items and bath products we carry.
    Also, your gift has to arrive on time - often in a hurry. Our service record is second to none. And because we are a real store and your gift baskets are made here we can get things done quickly for you, including same day delivery in the Los Angeles area.
    Details on some of our more popular gift basket categories are in the column to the right.

  • Our Mission

    Our commitment to quality and personalized service stands alone in an era of mass production:

    Creating artisan baskets filled with real food and unusual finds.

    Assuring quality by trying every wine, cheese, cookie, and edible product we sell so you know you are sending the best.

    Searching continually-sometimes across the globe-to bring you new and exciting products. We refuse to carry products you can find on every supermarket shelf. What is the fun in that?

    Participating in Slow Food USA and subscribing to their belief in food that is good, clean, and fair.

    Going green in our business practices and the items we carry by including more all natural and organic foods, baby items, bath products, and gifts.

    Quickly and reliably delivering your gifts down the street or around the world.

    Cultivating our relationship with you through in-store tastings and events, so together, we all can learn more about, and share our passion for, the good things in life.

  • Wine Tasting Party at Fancifull

    Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Tasting at Fancifull, held in our gourmet store.

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  • Custom Gift Baskets

    Disaronno custom Gift Basket

    Something we're especially good at is creating custom gift baskets. They may be for promoting a new product, promoting a new use for an already known brand (like the Disaronno used-as-mixer with Moet & Chandon example shown here), or for showing your company's logo inside of a gorgeous gift for a charity auction or any other purpose. Send us your logo items for your custom baskets - we'll make you look good!

    • Baby Gift Baskets

      Radio Flyer Bundle of Joy Baby Gift Basket

      What a joyous gift occasion - welcoming a new life to the world! We try to include useful and safe items that will have lasting use for the family. We only use organic bath products and many of the baby outfits, towels and blankets are also made from organic materials. The Radio Flyer Wagon pictured here is one of our most popular baby gift baskets.

    • Wine Gift Baskets

      Warm Wishes Wine, cheese and gourmet Gift Basket

      We taste a lot of wines here at Fancifull - over a hundred wines a year - and visit many of the wineries we are interested in. We recently visited a wine maker in Barolo, Italy, whose wines are here in our store. Our job is to bring you the best values we can find. Most of these are from small family vineyards and reflect the care and passion that goes into making them. You aren't going to find these on any supermarket shelf, but you will love drinking them as will those who receive our wine gift baskets.

    Fancifull Gift Baskets on the Food Network

    link to the video of Fancifull Gift Baskets featured on the food network

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